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I must have ℓoved you a ℓot;

"—You did"

ƒrom what materials         —ᴀgate? Quartz? ωheat?

Did your body come tog ether?

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Casualties || closed

The pain had been barely noticeable at first, the little impulses had been taking over the valiant child for the last weeks and she had naively assumed they were nothing but reactions and a mirror of the fear that swirled in her mind. And even know she did her best to stiff the whimpers that fell without a warning from her lips, cheek resting on her lovers chest and one arm holding him close to her own body.

Heat was the last thing she wanted, but closeness was what she was really craving for, reassurance and safety around her. He knew little about his beauty’s hidden pains, and never had she explained why her clumsiness had taken place more frequently in this exact past days; or why she had a hand always pressed against her stomach.

She shivered in the night, silver threads attached to a damp forehead in the darkness of their bedroom when a wave of pain washed over her without the facility of some sort of previous announcement making her straighten her back and leaving the Doctor’s side. She cried, hand in quoted position as the other wiped away the remains of sweat messing with her platinum braids before landing on his arm, shaking him violently. She hoped, her painful whimper could wake him up, she was too busy trying to forget what was causing her moan in such a way believing than in that way, same pain would go away with a simple wish.

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    He had felt it and even if he did not stated it felt like bliss – and nothing more. A nightmare had turned into a living...
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    He couldn’t help but laugh, rolling his head back against the seat to look at her again. Wasn’t this just like Rose?...