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I must have ℓoved you a ℓot;

"—You did"

ƒrom what materials         —ᴀgate? Quartz? ωheat?

Did your body come tog ether?

{NSFW}♡ | Rose Tyler |♡




neverwastebullets All have found Rose Tyler

One could have said those were familiar face, because there is nothing like finding familiar faces when you are lost. And Rose was lost, and completely not amused. Where was the valiant child? She had no idea but desperately wanted to find out. Her legs where just moving in automatic, trying to find something that could give her a hint of where she was wandering around. But instead she was given an unknown face, so limbst tensed and ready to face whatever danger she could be in she dared to ask: “Hello?” She waited until the other caught attention of the blond girl´s presence. “Do you know where I am?” Swallowing hard she managed to smile.